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How To Kill A Sacred Cow

Jul 7, 2022

Since moving halfway across the state of Massachusetts, I have had a few conversations with a some close podcasting friends to test out new techniques, reconnect with friends, and ground myself before embarking on all my projects. The point of each conversation in July of 2022 is to relax and enjoy the process of content creation before embarking on the next year of grueling work I have before me.

Tonight I am joined by the one and only Brandon Thomas of Expanding Reality. And I couldn't think of a better person to bounce ideas off, however half baked they may be. Reconnecting with Brandon was a no brainer. 

P.S. He received a beautiful gift from my GF just hours before the show, and not on purpose. Serendipity is not just for the movies. When it happens in life, you have to acknowledge that you are on the right path. Check out his Instagram to see the gift...