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How To Kill A Sacred Cow

Mar 16, 2022

Tony Arterburn is a native of Rockwall, Texas. Early in life Tony became fascinated with the sport of Powerlifting, and eventually would win State, National and World Titles before the age of 21. After high school Tony became a U.S. Army paratrooper and Military Policeman . He went on to serve in three foreign wars, including being a part of the first U.S. Army company on the ground in Kandahar Afghanistan following 9/11/01. Today he is the host of the Arterburn Radio Transmission- a weekly broadcast covering the issues facing our Country, Civilization and Planet. Tony is the founder and CEO of Wise Wolf Gold and Silver Exchange.

We spoke about the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The historical background, the geopolitical landscape, and where it’s headed. We also touched on some of the fake news and propaganda coming from the powers involved, and the false flags they’ve admitted exist.