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How To Kill A Sacred Cow

Feb 25, 2022


Welcome to another episode of the Monday Night MasterDebaters, tonight we had Ryan from Dangerous World, Mat from The Great Deception, Tyson our brother from Canada, and Jaymes from the band Nephrectomy.  We had to talk about the Ottawa Freedom Convoy, the tyranny of Turd-eau, UN Troops on the ground, and Crushing of rights & civil liberties. True fascism, indoctrination in the Upside Down World and the dedication of the corporate media and counterparts to their narrative.

We then switched gears to Ukraine, China Olympics, China potential Ebola spreader?, Fear of Death, Terrorism->Virus the use of invisible enemies, Transhumanism, Music and Music World in 2022, parenthood, and so much more.


Jaymes from Nephrectomy

IG: @elchapogonzo


Tyson our Canadian Brother

IG: @that_crazy_canuk

Ryan from Dangerous World Podcast


IG: @dangerousworldpod


Mat from The Great Deception Podcast

IG: @thegreatdeceptionpodcast