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How To Kill A Sacred Cow

Aug 5, 2020

What's it like to redeclare your independence? Is it asking big daddy government to return a few of the privileges back after being good and compliant? Is it getting to go back to work after you've been a good boy and worn your mask all day? Is it getting to go back to your favorite restaurant, in a limited capacity and shortened hours, after you've kneeled for injustice? No! It is standing up for your GOD given rights! It is telling big daddy government you plan to assert the rights inherent in existence. Most have forgotten what is at stake here. Perhaps they never really knew. Maybe they just need to be reminded or informed. Maybe they need to be reminded that they are beings of truth and light. Maybe they need to Redeclare their Independence. Marty Leeds has joined us today to let us know what that looks like. And we are all better for it!

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