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How To Kill A Sacred Cow

Jan 7, 2020

Vaccines are Safe and Effective! It is the mantra we hear repeated whenever the discussion of vaccination comes up. The science is settled, is the one two punch of those seeking to drive home the point that there is no scientific proof that they cause neurological disorders. The conversation breaks down. It becomes an argument. People are called names. If it's on social media, others gang tackle on the dirty, stoopid Anti-Vaxxer and smother him with hate bombs. A friend of a friend sees their friend's friend he didn't know was also of a like mind, and jumps in to help this poor, defenseless soul. He's got a word document right on his desktop with a list of facts and resources he saves for just such an occasion. THE VIDEOS!! MY GOD THE VIDEOS this guy has are thought provoking. Really make you think. He has an idea, he @s a bunch of people he knows...fellow travelers. Together, they begin what will forever be known as the battle of Twitter Hill. 

Did it have to come to this? No, they could have talked about it like adults. Try to find some common ground. Instead, they chose to yell over each other, and wish ill health and death upon close members of each others families. 

Today will take a look at how people are influenced by thought leaders (doctors and politicians), and how they in turn treat those they believe are the enemy. 


Show Notes:

-Part 1 Manufactured Consent MD Suzanne Humphries 2015
-Tamron Hall Show on vaccinations
-N.J. Assembly passes bill to bar religious exemption for vaccines; bill stalls in Senate
-Senate cancels vote on controversial vaccination bill after hours of protests
-Medical Society of New Jersey
-NIH Director Dr Bernadine Healy speaks to Sharyl Attkisson about autism susceptibility